A group made to mentor two classes whose geographical distance from one another plays only a small role in how close they are.

Monday, December 3, 2007


From a couple lines in this I'd have to say this girl is a wonderful writer. The one line I quoted struck me so I decided to prod for some more info. You can view it here.

Hello Katie!

I'm glad to see that you enjoyed the book. I'm sure your future read-throughs will bring you many hidden details and deeper meaning.

You say, "The word that I would choose would be survival, I chose this word because they made it through a tough part in life, they fought for who they wanted to be and who they were, they tried…they won…they survived.", do you think that the people who died in a way survived as well? Is a short noble life one that is better than a long one of cowardice but overall good living?

Student Mentor

P.S. Can you please post your response under the Katie post of http://advicethroughetherealwalls.blogspot.com/ as well as here because I'm having a *really* hard time seeing comments on these blogs.

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Clarence said...


First of all a large thanks for the comments you have been leaving it is very obvious to me very quickly that you have been well mentored yourself in these aspects of writing. I like how you are differentiating your strategies of commenting depending on the student and your perception of their needs. That is a sign of a close reader and a valuable aid to their learning. The power of personal connection.