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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Well before I completed this comment on Brianna's blog, I attempted to verify whether Graeme had already commented on her blog recently or not. It just so happens that he has in fact posted a comment on a blog by Brianna... though that comment pertained to a different Brianna (phew). Anyway, the basis of this comment lies within the post here.

"Hello Brianna,

It's really great to see how you've succinctly identified not only how you have grown due to the completion of this project, but also where improvements could be made for future endeavors.

Do you think that if this project were entirely oriented around a single classroom (and not over the internet in any way) you would have received the same overall benefit from the project? How do you think that manipulating the way a project or assignment is to be completed alters the educational value of the project? Do you think that completing such projects in the same manner each time takes away from the intrigue and benefit of the project in any way? What about a task requiring a unique approach or method to complete?

Now as I stated earlier, you've successfully identified any downfalls you encountered during this project and how they can be compensated for in the future, but I think you should heed your own suggestions and future tasks head on and really think about them prior to starting another task. If you continually think about what went wrong last time before you start with a new task, it would probably contribute to your progression as a student or with almost anything that you may encounter.

Take care,
Student Mentor"

Not entirely sure when I'll have free time again in the near future, but my next comment probably will not be until then (though I'll probably post a few during the break).

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