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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Wow, I haven't come to realize just how late I'm commenting today. Well what happened with this comment is that the most recent version of my comment was not actually copied, but I really only have a copy of the version prior to a few revisions. The post can be found here and here is the comment, keep in mind that it is in fact subject to change once the comment if approved and is displayed underneath her post.

"Hello Francesca,

Great job reflecting on what troubles you encountered during the progress of your project as well as how you have benefited from it. I also noticed that in your post you signified the explicit importance of teamwork.

So if you didn't have to carry out this project in a group, how do you think your approach or overall appeal to the project would have changed? On another note, you quickly described how you realized one should act when working with an organized group. During the course of this project, were there any other qualities or virtuous attributes that would detail a good leader that were either frequently shown or altogether neglected? And overall, what do you think constitutes a good leader? What about a good group member?

If it helps, try to think about other moments in your life when you undertook a leadership position and you might be able to reflect upon them to extract some of the aforementioned qualities in question. I think that reflecting on work that you have completed before is undoubtedly where you can achieve the potential for maximum growth in your character.

Now before I depart, I really hope that you had a great holiday season and I'd like to wish you a happy new year! Have a great 2008. =)

MrSiwWy - Student Mentor"

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