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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Devon (WIP)

Thought I found a gold mine in Devon's post. He has link to an essay he did but it brings me to a site that cannot be relevant (searchmachine.com or something similar). Can't wait to read it as I was really into Egyptian mythology for a while and just never thought to research the pharoahs.

FYI: WIP means work in progress, I don't know if it is commonly used so I thought I'd clear it up.

Hey Devon the link to your essay doesn't work... brings me to searchmachine.com. Would love to read it (I was quite into egyptian mythology for a long while and their culture is fascinating). I'll check back or you can drop me a comment at:


Just leave it under any post. I'd leave you my email but I don't know if that would be appropriate.

Student Mentor


Lani said...

Hi Grey M,

You are right, the link is incorrect. Sometimes just a little investigation helps. Put your cursor over Devon's link, before you click, can you tell what's wrong?

The correct link is: http://thinwalls.wikispaces.com/Seti+1

I'm wondering if Devon wouldn't really appreciate your helping him with that?

I'd say your intuition about not leaving your email is good; do you know why?

Keep up the great work!! Don't let the silences annoy you too much or deter you!!


Grey-M said...

Hello Lani,

I don't know if I quite get your meaning:
"I'm wondering if Devon wouldn't really appreciate your helping him with that?"
Is this saying that you are wondering if Devon would actually want help with the broken link (with connotation towards not wanting it)?

The email bit I was fairly sure would be invasive/inappropriate as he doesn't actually know me and he isn't at an age where who he corresponds with is fully his decision.


Lani said...

Hi there Grey M,

Sorry I was not clear! I was thinking Devon would appreciate your help with this!

As far as the email, I'm thinking Mr. K. has guidelines for all of you to keep you safe and that Mr. Fischer has the same. Wouldn't an email address count as personal information? In addition to that, in this day and age, posting your email sets you up for lots and lots of spam! Are you up for lots of junk?

Take good care,