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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well don't know if this comment actually worked on Adrian's post as it did not act like the others. Decided to go for a conversation as I find that generally works better than just questions with no feedback. I had to do a project closely relating to fear so I have loads of information at my disposal for future posts.

Hello Adrian!

Is fear powerful? (I ask you this because your word is fear and because you have thought critically about power before)

Comment back( Here as well!), if I disagree with your viewpoint then we'll make this along the lines of a debate otherwise I'll have more evidence for you to back up your answer with.

Student Mentor


Lani said...

Hi GreyM,

I'm thinking I'm sensing a real desire for conversation in your comment and I can totally relate!!!!! So much so, that in December I shared my thoughts on that very topic in a blog post when I wrote:

"In e-mentoring, sometimes the silence that ensues following a comment is almost unbearable until I remember there is great beauty in the silence of thought that pulls one to new levels of learning. Hoping I’ve been understood, I accept the silence and consider instead the possibilities---

The possibilities for developing meaningful relationships that positively impact the lives of all involved. The possibilities that joyful learning and discovery may ensue. The possibilities that those “Aha” moments will truly be remembered."

Do you think that's possible? Can it be enough for a mentor?


Grey-M said...

Hello Lani,

Sorry for the very late response I have been rather busy of late. I find the silence somewhat annoying but I do believe I am helping so the gratification is there. It's just nice to have something concrete, a verification. It would also be good to have some back and forth conversation because rarely are the questions that truly need to be asked asked the first time. I hope I'm effective but I know I could be more effective and to strive to better myself is just what I do.

Au revoir,