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Monday, March 10, 2008


Science Fair's rock! Thought I'd inform about a little known awesome fair that seems like too much but really isn't (Chris and I were going to enter it this year but our most promising idea of converting blood types into O- was discovered and relatively recently (even more irking was that we had the basic idea of how to do it right! But alas I digress...)). If you would like to see Sara's post you can view it here

Hello Sara,

I'm glad to see that the fruits of your labor paid off even before the fair! Would really like to hear how you did. Anyway, I don't know if this is available in Snow Lake but maybe next year you could try out the Sanofi Aventis Biotech Challenge if you enjoy science fairs. This competition may seem very foreboding and tough BUT at the grade 7 or 8 level it is not that terribly involved (though it is a fair amount of work but believe me the awards dinner alone is worth it.). If you are interested don't look at the descriptions of some of the projects as those are probably by the grade 12 geniuses (such as the guy that had the promising alternative to chemotherapy, he won the grade 12 competition for Canada and ended up with over 15000 dollars in prize money). That being said when my friend and I entered the first time we studied how two enzymes in your stomach and intestines break down protein (little did we know at the time that this has been thoroughly investigated). The next year we decided to study natural preservatives such as ascorbic and citric acid (basically lemon juice and vitamin A/C, I can't remember). Anyway we had a blast and won both years so it is very possible. It is not possible to enter this year anymore, but if you or any other driven classmates want to participate I urge you to check it out.

Student Mentor

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