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Sunday, March 16, 2008


This is my comment to Kimberly. She saw that the skills of collaboration and communication are important for school. So I decided to help further her sight a bit. You can see the post here. Grrrr... just saw the spelling error in the comment, wish you could edit comments on those blogs.
Hello Kimberly,

You have good foresight when you believe that cooperation and communication will be important in highschool and university but you can also look beyond this to the even more important work world. There are very few jobs that are completely solo. What would really get done if everyone worked as an individual?

There are chains of cooperation and communication in the work world. We'll take sometihng popular like a videogame for example. What we see is just the finished product but there is so much behind that and it isn't just one person. First there are a group of people who brainstorm a concept. That concept is proposed to their bosses. If he/she likes the proposal and the analysts say it will make money then it starts being made. Here's where the cooperation and communication explodes into action. There are writers for the storyline, concept artists, 3d modellors, animators, computer coders, marketers, legal teams, sound technicians etc. Behind almost anything there is some sort of collaboration. Some peoples jobs are purely just to initiate collaboration!

You have probably heard the anecdote (a saying with a bit of wisdom in it) that goes "Two heads are better than one.". Well if that's true are three heads better than two? Three hundred better than three?

Student Mentor

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